SOHO Munich


Triumph, the renowned fashion label with a passion for lingerie and innovation, recently moved into its new state-of-the-art office space in the "SOHO Munich" project. The premises serve as an outstanding example of a successful and high-quality design of a "New Work" office.
The new Triumph office embodies the spirit of the brand and reflects its dynamic and creative atmosphere. With a modern design concept that combines functionality and aesthetics, it offers employees an inspiring working environment. The spaces have been strategically designed to facilitate efficient collaboration and a smooth workflow.
A key feature of the new Triumph offices is the integration of innovative technologies. From interactive touchscreens to modern conference rooms with state-of-the-art equipment, Triumph has done an exemplary job of thinking about the needs of employees and the demands of modern ways of working.

With the move into the new office space in the "SOHO Munich" project, Triumph is once again demonstrating its pioneering role in the fashion industry. The fashion label not only sets trends in lingerie fashion, but also in the design of modern workspaces. Triumph stands for excellence and innovation, and the new offices reflect this in an impressive way.
Overall, the new Triumph offices are an outstanding example of the successful integration of aesthetics, functionality and modern working concepts. The company stays true to its values and creates an environment that inspires employees to do their best.

New Eastside Munich

adesso & Gruner & Jahr

IT-Company adesso AG is going to move its headquarter with a space of 8.000 sqm into the industry-aged factory lofts in munichs east. Rooftop terraces and special bike storage rooms give a perfect match of a two-house package in our new-build project.

As well as the Hamburg-based publishing company Gruner + Jahr is going to gather several subsidiary companies in the lofty clincer-build property to be in good company with other publishers who has traditionally been into munichs east.

So the "New Eastside Munich - Factory Loft" provides a lot of media-participants to bring the "Munich Art District" project to life.

M8 - "Work & Create"


With their credo "Lets start to redefine how work is done" the Co-Working Concept SPACES, a brand of the Regus Group (IWG Group), will provide 5.000 sqm of flexible workspace in our "M8 - Work & Create".

In addition to its upgrown styled offices there will be a fancy Barista-Bar which leads you into the hotel-like lobby of the "M8 - work & create".

A nice feature provided by SPACES to create a positive atmosphere for every office-tenant at the creative-hotspot Werksviertel.

Nymphenburger Höfe

Colliers & Dean and David


The international real-estate brokers from Colliers are residing since the last 10 years on two floors of the NYMPHENBURGER HÖFE at the Stiglmairplatz. Here is where tenants get advisory for every business line of commercial properties and munichs real-estates change their ownerships.

Dean & David provide healthy food with fancy currys and diverse salad- and juicevariations in addition to the food-offer around the Stiglmairplatz.



In March 2012 Covus moved into 1.500 sqm of loftoffice in Prenzlauer Berg to realize their youngentrepreneurs dreams. The refurbished office spaces are part of a typical berlin factory-and industry-loft, build in the late 19th century. The Jugendstil-facade is build of high quality referring to criterias of preservation order and leads you to the factory-space, which is a reference to berlins history of the golden age. The Covus employees work allover 3 floors.

Theme styled individual rooms provide a lot of space for informal as well as formal meetings - for every meeting situation the perfect meeting set-up. For example the "cosy library", the "shack" which is build in vintage style for dynamic brainstormings. A representative entry is a multi-use space also for events.