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Stiftung Gute-Tat

Kältebus München

Lionsclub München Metropolitan

Aetas Kinderstiftung


Foundation (good act)

Gute Tat

The Optima Aegidius group of companies has been supporting the foundation for over 7 years with more than € 100,000. The headquarters of the foundation is located in the "Ridler Höfe" in Munich-Westend. The charitable foundation is active in numerous social projects with a circle of currently over 8,500 volunteers.

The so-called "Angels" are involved in homes for the elderly, homes for the disabled, children's homes, facilities for the homeless and other social organisations and provide important help from person to person every day.

More information --> Gute-Tat Munich Blog.

Kältebus (bus for cold days)

Kältebus München

Since the cold winter of 2018, the Optima-Aegidius group of companies has been supporting the voluntary project "Kältebus München. We will renew this support this year as well.

The Kältebus helps homeless people during the cold season from October to March with hot drinks, food, clothing and sleeping bags.


Lionsclub München Metropolitan

Social responsibility and the promotion of youth are central themes of the Lionsclub München Metropolitan.
The Lionsclub München Metropolitan has set itself the task of breaking the cycle of social disadvantage.
But not only family and youth welfare are in the focus of attention, they engage even for the socially weak, wherever they are on their way to a stable life.

Aetas Kinderstiftung (Children Foundation)

Aetas Kinderstiftung

We also support the Aetas Children Foundation, which cares for traumatised children after serious strokes of fate.

Give a laugh (hospital clowns)


Laughter works: it strengthens the immune system, relieves pain and gives new courage to face life. The Optima Aegidius group of companies, for example, donates to the clinic clowns in Bavaria, who have been giving sick people a laugh for over 20 years.

We rejoice with the clowns and laugh with them.