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Thirty Eight Berlin



"Thirty Eight Berlin"s location is pretty special: This is both: the most northern spot of Europacity and gate to the central office-arena of the Friedrich-Krause-Ufer. The asset is surrounded by main train-connections between Hauptbahnhof and S-Bahn-Ring around Berlin. We are lucky to be close to train hubs with the fasttrack ICE-trains stopping by.

With a spectactular panoramic view over Nordhafen and Hohenzollernkanal with its riverside Thirty Eight Berlin´s Office Tower provides a very unique atmosphere.


Project development


On 40 hectares in the Europacity in the most central location of Berlin, areas for offices, commercial, residential and retail areas are being created under ecological aspects, with connections to Berlin's main train station and the government district.

With 32,000 sqm GIF provided, "Thirty Eight Berlin" will offer wide office spaces but the area will also give home to flexible space for production, service and storage as well as for restaurants, kindergarten and even space for arts and galleries.

To be prepared for longterm use and a sustainable future with flexible options, the upper floors will be developed with a high potential ceiling load capacity in combination with attractive spacious ceiling heights. Everything the Industry 4.0 is dreaming of.

Besides 2,300 sqm rooftop space with different garden concepts the building provides a unique 4,100 sqm open air green forest biotop. Both in combination with the planned LEED Gold certification is our commitment to develop a sustainable green building. This will be completed by Wired Score Certificate to be prepared for best IT connectivity and security.





  • 32,200 sqm GIF overground
  • 55 m building height
  • 1.35 m grid
  • 14 floors
  • Leed Gold/Wired Score Certificate planned
  • usable ceiling hights of 3,02 - 6,20 m
  • 2,300 sqm rooftop garden/ concept open air space
  • 4,100 sqm of forest biotop
  • e-mobility
  • carsharing-lots
  • 273 parking lots
  • 500 bike storage lots with shower and lockers
  • high-speed internet connection
  • lobby with gallery



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