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New York 151 Eighth Avenue


151 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA
Size 16 apartments
(11,960 sf)
2 office spaces
(3,300 sf)
Type commercial & residential
Project volume > 20 Mio. USD

Joint Venture

Hammer AG among others
Contact Dr. Ulf D. Laub & Dr. Jens C. Laub (Optima)


On the initiative of Hans Hammer, the property "151 8th Avenue" was acquired in a partner pool in early 2018, during which year the refurbishment and the repositioning took place on the New York rental market. 

In addition to the Detroit activities that have already taken place, New York could become the second mainstay of the Optima-Aegidius Coampany Group in the United States of America.

The building is located in Manhattan's Chelsea district, one of New York's most desirable neighborhoods.

The New York headquarters of Google is just 1 minute away, the famous Sky Walk of the Manhattan "Highline Park" is located in the vicinity of 250 meters.

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