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Beaubien House

Location 553 E Jefferson, Detroit, Michigan
Size around 485 m2 / 5224 sf
Type commercial


The Beaubien House is a 1851 built and 1987 restored building in Downtown Detroit, Michigan.

At present the Michigan Architectural Foundation and the American Institute of Architects Michigan headquarters are located here.

The Beaubien House was named as a Michigan historic site in the seventies of the last century and led in the National Register of historic places.

The historic red brick façade opens to the East Jefferson Ave, one of the oldest streets of Detroit. Vis a vis the World Headquarters of G. M. is located.

The 2017 renovated building has three multi-employee office suites, four single offices, and four open-area desks for rent. Parking is available next to the building. Amenities include internet, kitchenettes, a parlour space, shared conference room, stocked snack and drink bar, and a private courtyard.


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