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NYH – full occupancy of NY Office II*

The Optima Aegidius Group is announcing the full occupancy of NY OFFICE II on the former Löwenbräu site. The office building with a total of 13,460.50 m2 of office space was sold in 2010. With the conclusion of the final tenancy agreement, NY Office II could be closed shortly before the expiry of the rental guarantee.

The tenant of the final 410 m2 is a subsidiary of Münchner Bank eG which is now to move into NY Office II, along with Colliers Schauer & Schöll, eCircle, getmobile, and various legal practices and consultancy companies. The final tenancy agreement was brokered by Colliers Schauer & Scholl.

NY OFFICE II, with its average rent of just under € 20.00/m2, is one of the most successful construction projects in the west of Munich.

Almost 90% of the building's counterpart NY OFFICE I, with an average rent of over € 23.00/m2, has already been let.

The whole NYMPHENBURGER HÖFE site, with an investment volume of more than € 300 million, contains around 400 apartments and almost 30,000 m2 of office space.

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